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Another Look at the Latest Manjaro Cinnamon March 20, 2017

Hey Guys,

In my last post on Manjaro I mentioned how I may not be able to use the Manjaro Cinnamon on my laptop which is an Acer E1-510P-2671. Well this is partially true but I have to be careful on what I use within it. If I use the regular Cinnamon that includes the hardware compositor, I start having issues with screen rendering and video rendering. There are issues with the Intel video drivers that I am using for the Intel HD series mobile video cards. The screen recorders do not render properly while using hardware rendering and I am seeing slow performance with some of the compositors toys. If I don’t use the toys or the screen recorders then this will work just fine. Now on my desktop, I am using an Nvidia card with Cinnamon and have no problems like this at all. I can work with screen recording with no rendering issues.

All in all, the Cinnamon Desktop Environment works on my laptop from within Manjaro. On my desktop, it is awesome and all applications that I have installed on my laptop work on my desktop. But I still think another test is in order to make sure that Manjaro is not the problem. I think I will try a live version of Mint Cinnamon to see if that has a different effect on the laptop and as well as screen recording software performance. This doesn’t mean that I am switching. I am just testing to see of there is a difference or not. I have grown very fond of XFCE and Mate and those are what are keeping me on Manjaro. :0)

Well, I am not seeing simple screen recorder in the repository under Mint. There were some other packages that I wanted to use as well that I believe are not under Mint at least natively. There is an app called vokoscreen which is similar that I have tried under Manajaro so I will give this a try. Ok, I have found out something interesting. While running a live version of Mint Cinnamon, the vokoscreen recorder, worked just fine. I am not sure what the difference is between Manjaro and Mint when it comes to drivers, but when I went back to Manjaro and tested vokoscreen I ran into the original rendering problems as before. This makes no since.


As shown below, both operating systems are showing the same hardware in lspci and the system info panel.

Manjaro – Intel Corporation Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z27xxx Series Graphics & Display

Mint – Intel Corporation Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z27xxx Series Graphics & Display


Currently Installed Package


Mint Intel Packages:








Manjaro Intel Packages (Community):









Manjaro Intel Packages (AUR):




So what does this mean for my usage of Manjaro right now? I am still a die-hard arch user now, but I’m not 100% sure about my laptop because if there is a driver issue in Cinnamon then there may be a driver issue in the other desktop environments as well. As far as my desktop, I will keep it as is and run Manjaro on it since it runs Nvidia drivers. There are actually three Arch based released which have Cinnamon natively installed, the first being Manjaro, the second being Antergos, and the third being Apricity. Manjaro is a full up Arch operating which Antergos seems to be an Arch installer and Apricity is a full up Arch distro as well.

Just an update on Apricity, it appears that it has the same issue which tells me that this could be an Arch related issue and not just Manjaro is general. Apricity is an Arch distro which uses the ICE application to allow users to create launchers for common internet web sites. It is a cool package and has its place if you are looking to create a way to launch sites faster without all of the overhead. In most Arch releases, I am seeing the flickering in the screen preview of the screen recorder applications, and none of the menus are showing in the recordings. This is disappointing as I really like Manjaro and I really like the Cinnamon desktop for its smooth rendering and nice themes.

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