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Geeetech Printer and Windows April 3, 2017


I am on my way to being 100% free of Windows for my projects. I did get my 3D Printer to work with Manjaro Arch Linux by doing one simple thing that I had not thought of. All that is needed once the software is installed is to make sure that your user name is part of the uucp group. In Ubuntu, it is a different group, but arch looks like it requires the user to have access to uucp. Once I did that, the OS was able to connect to the printer and heat the extruder and print bed to temp. I am very excited to have this part working now. 😀





Good Morning Guys,

I feel a little disappointed and puzzled at the same time. The puzzled part comes from not being able to get my Geeetech Prusa i3x printer to work inside of Manjaro Linux. Within dmesg the printer shows up as it is supposed to but none of the application appear to see it. I tried, repetier-host and slic3r which normally always see it and work well as long as the bad rate is set to 25000 and the port assignment is set to automatic, then it should work but no go. I tried the Prusa version which is a better release of application and seemed to be newer with the same results and of course, the new EasyPrint from Geeetech will not run in Linux, go So after a lot of aggravation, I switched my laptop to Windows to make this work. 🙁 I am disappointed that I had to do this but it very strange that I could not get it to work.

One thing that I did try in order to keep from making this drastic change was trying to use Octoprint on a Raspi and Astroprint on a Raspi. I had great success with Octoprint in the past but after the printer being down for some time during the move and not having time to fire it back up, even Octoprint quit talking. Astroprint is another system such as Octoprint for allowing remote communications to your 3D printer through either a remote web interface or through the local comm ports. Both apps are great and do awesome stuff. I would highly recommend trying them out if you have a spare Raspi around.

After the aggravation of not getting this to work, I decided to add Windows 🙁 to my laptop. I found that the Prusa version of software for Windows includes Slic3r for both 1.75 and 3mm extruder machines and Pronterface. This package works real well and honestly made a huge difference in a few test PLA and ABS prints. I installed the 1.75mm Slic3r package that they have and by using it to slice the object and have Pronterface print, the prints came out much better than before. While the idea of Geeetech having their own package for the Prusa i3 printers, the Geeetech EasyPrint app still has issues in connecting to my Prusa i3x and has issues in making connection to the internet to do update to the app and the print.

Lesson learned here is that each operating system has a place and my desktop will stay Manjaro Linux but in order to use my 3D printer, my laptop needs to be more flexible.

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