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Manjaro with Mate 1.18 mhwd Package Error May 11, 2017



I thought that I would go ahead and post this as this is still a problem. I am seeing this primarily in the Manjaro Mate release while trying to install the initial set of updates. The following error keeps showing up in Manjaro Mate which keeps me from initially updating the operating system. This issue has been going on since a rogue set of video driver were introduced into the Arch repo system. It seems to only affect the Manjaro Arch distro. I have installed Materevenge without the dependency issues that were found.


could not satisfy dependencies:

lib32-glu: installing mhwd (0.6.0rc1-4)


Here is a way to get this to work but there still seems to be a dependency issue that occurs. See the update below which I did prove to work and to fix the problem. Ultimately, the developers will need to fix the problem upstream.

sudo pacman -R mhwd-tui
sudo pacman -S lib32-mesa
Answer yes to remove mhwd
sudo pacman -Syu mhwd





Here is a way that I have verified to work to get the updates to complete. This forces the install of the correct libraries.


sudo pacman -S mhwd mesa libglvnd lib32-mesa lib32-libglvnd –force

sudo pacman -Syu

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