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SharkLinux The Rolling Release Ubuntu Distro June 5, 2017

Hey Guys,


First of all, I want to mention that I am a die hard Arch Linux user. Arch gives me everything that I need to be successful with little or no issues at all. If a package is not located in the arch repository, I have access to the AUR community repository which has most if not all packages that I want. I haven’t really used an Ubuntu based distro in a while since I found that I had to go and download certain applications manually that I wanted to use instead of them being readily available.

I was looking around at the latest information on and came across an interesting and cool distro which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 with the Mate 1.16 desktop environment installed. This OS has a lot of possibilities and has some nice add-on features. I put together a video on this distro so everyone can get an idea of what is in it. Sorry about the audio as something happened with the headset that I was using. If you would like to download the OS and play with it, just visit the URL shown below.










Here are some screenshots of the application categories and settings menu. I would like to mention that I had customized the look of the desktop by turning off the XFCE4 panel with the whiskermenu and went with the traditional Mate panel with. The XFCE panel seemed a little cramped with the icon set that was in use. I was having some issues getting my dock to work so I just set up without it.






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  • Marcus says:

    Awesome to see you were able to customize the UI to suit your taste. The distro is young, the first ISO was put out end of Novemeber so much improvement can be expected. For what its worth though, the project is really trying to escape the Rolling label. The term was misused in some early publishings and has since been reworded to better reflect the nature of the distro. There are some software kept at upstream versions and a lot of software not in the Ubuntu repos made available, however it doesnt completely fit the definition of Rolling which has caused a bit of controversy.

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